CUBE LABS attended the BtoB event in Beijing on 15 -16 of May 2017

CUBE-LABS has recently attended the BtoB event in Beijing organized from Bank Of China during the Governamental event One Belt One Road.
During this work session CUBE-LABS engaged several meetings with Tech Chinese companies and financial investors  that operates in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare field opening new opportunities and horizons for the company. The initiative was organized by CONFINDUSTRIA, in partnership with CCIC, Bank Of China and Pirelli within the frame of the Governamental Project Made in China 2015.

CUBE-LABS achieved high level interest during the meetings with some of the strongest Chinese companies attending  the event such as 1. Beijing Feixiang Dongshen Motor Equipment Ltd  2. Zhenzhou FoGuang Power Equipment Ltd 3. Zoneyet Corporation 4. Rechsand Science & Technology Group 5. Yinchuan Rong Shen Wei Automatic Meter Ltd 6. Xingang Medical Equipment Ltd
During the Mission – in addition to the already established relationships –  CUBE LABS consolidated its regional presence by strengthening the local team and implementing the strategic and commercial relationships in Qingdao with a leading local financial and commercial player with 1,5 Bln+$ capacity. It also expanded the range to other towns, other investment funds, banks and industrial subjects that have expressed their interest in activating a further cooperation to enable the development of specific technologies.

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