2nd BIO-ALL Unconference at Rome

Yesterday the Italian C.N.R. (National Research Center) in Rome hosted  a scientific pitch meeting of the Cube Labs  (Filippo Surace and Renato Del Grosso present) portfolio spin offs in front of the Ulysses Advisory Group  Partners (Jerry Balter, Chris Hentschel, Isil Guney).

I.N.B.B.  (National Institute of Biostructure and Biosystems) through its President Prof. Giovanni Antonini and Director Dr Pietro Ragni welcomed the guests giving an overview of the R&D in Italy.

The gathering has been instrumental for a presentation by dr Ragni of the BioAll project (an EU program designed to promote and consolidate entrepreneurial initiatives in the biotechnology and health field) being INBB and Cube Labs partners.

The great level of science, commitment and high potential  business value conveyed by the scientists have been point out by Mr Balter in the final remarks.  

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