Antonio Falcone in Cube-Labs Team

Antonio Falcone, began a new professional adventure at Cube-Labs as an Equity Partner with the function of CIO (Chief Investment Officer). He will work alongside Filippo Surace and Renato del Grosso, respectively Founder and Co-Founder of Cube-Labs, assisting in the development of his sector.

Falcone, Managing Director from 2014 to last August of Principia SGR, the most important Italian VC (Venture Capital) Fund in the health sector (more than 200 million euro raised), has more than twenty years’ expertise in the financial sector. His most significant experiences include Banca Sella, Deutsche Bank, Unicredit, Inarcassa and Kairos.

In recent months Cube-Labs has embarked on a path that will lead to the raising of capital from either with private investors or through an IPO perspective (assisted by Equita sim), being the first Italian company to own 11 Start-Ups and early-stage academic companies operating in the biotech, medical and nutraceutical sectors, with the aim of growing to 25 subsidiary companies by 2023 thanks to its listing on the Stock Exchange.

I am happy to take part in this new and important challenge – said Antonio Falcone – aimed at increasing early-stage financing in Italy, where there is no investment tool in the sector open to the market. Today, also thanks to the Italian Growth Decree, there is the possibility to introduce in Italy financial instruments managed by qualified operators who can invest in a sector with high growth and high potential, such as the biomedical research one. As the cases of IP Group and Imperial Innovations show abroad, through listing on the stock exchange you can raise capital by giving back to finance the role of a transmission belt between savings (private and institutional) and companies that enhance intellectual property. “

Antonio Falcone, Chief Investment Officer of Cube-Labs

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