BIO-ALL, a project for students in Bio health/Entrepreneurship

 BIO-ALL is a project funded under the Erasmus+ Programme, which aims at developing innovative approaches, providing entrepreneurial skills to academics and business professionals, to stimulate entrepreneurship and facilitate the exchange and co-creation of educational tools and knowledge. BIO-ALL – BIO HEALTH Gear Box Alliance was born from the need to develop specific post-graduate programs in the Biotech and Health (BIO HEALTH) sectors, designed to bridge the gap between the offer of university curricula and the skills required by the business world. This is why the groundbreaking International Joint Acceleration Programme was created, for students in the Biohealth/Entrepreneurship sector who want to develop and bring to market an idea they had during their training.

In Italy, the co-leader of the program is the start-up accelerator Cube-Labs. The program will start in June 2021. It is intended for all those who want to expand their training in health/entrepreneurship, tracing a winning path, and bringing their idea to the market. 

The calls for seed companies in the Biohealth sector who wish to participate will start in January 2021: the winner, in addition to participating in the course, will have access to a prize of € 5 000. 

Which are the areas that are part of the BIO HEALTH sector? 

Biotechnology, medicine, ICT, pharmaceutical industry, medical devices, chemistry, etc. 

The 13 partners involved in the project and coming from 4 European countries will have the task to design and develop new tools in order to increase the responsiveness of the academic training offer in support of entrepreneurship in the BIO HEALTH sector. 

For more information visit:

http://bioall. eu 

 https://cube-labs. com

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