Bridge Alfa Program: Cube Fund is in the final step of the fund program

The Bridge Alfa is a Public fund subsidized by the Polish Government, its main interest is to invest in R&D projects only and its size is 50M PLN (i.e. around 10M €).

New technologies create relevant opportunities in economy, anyway this sector implies also many risks. Bridge Alfa ia a public fund focused on ideas in the seed stage, when in other words the risk of loosing the investment is high.

Cube Fund sp.zo.o, Polish branch of CUBE LABS, is in the final step of the Bridge Alfa Program, which assigns an investement fund of around 10M € .

Cube Fund sp.zo.o is one of the 15 Teams in the final phase of the Program out of 98 at the starting line. Bridge Alfa will announce in the next weeks the 5 winners of this final round.

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