China Awards 2014

During the CHINA AWARDS 2014 the prestigious prize delivered by the FOUNDATION ITALY-CHINA was awarded to CUBE LABS for the results achieved by the Italian Companies on the Chinese territory.  CUBE LABS has been deemed worthy of the award and therefore won the Prize for Value Creators – Department of Business Services.  CUBE LABS was the only start-up to be awarded among a selection of 500 companies operanting onto the Chinese territory.

Last year the prize was granted to the Ferrari Team among other Italian excellence.  Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo on stage  accepted the award delivered to him by an authorative jury chaired by Cesare Romiti, President of the ITALY-CHINA Foundation and Paolo Panerai, Vice President and CEO of Class Editori in front of top representatives of the Italian and Chinese World of Finance, bringing significant media exposure to our technology transfer platform.

The jury was made by Margherita Barberis – General Manager ITALY-CHINA Foundation, Gabriele Capolino – Director and Associate Editor MF-Milano Finanza, Franco Cutrupia – President of Italian Chamber of Commerce in China, Pierluigi Magnaschi – Director Italia Oggi and MF / Milano Finanza, Marco Mutinelli – Professor of Management, University of Brescia and Head of database Reprint on Italian investments onto the foreign territory and viceversa, Pier Luigi Streparava – President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of China.

The award ceremony was held Thursday, November 27, in Milan at the Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci, in Via San Vittore 21, a symbol of technological innovation worldwide.

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