Cube-Labs and its innovative business model: Millionaire dedicates its attention to the Holding as one of the most active players in the field of the “Life Science”.

Cube-Labs has captured the attention of Millionaire, Business magazine, standing out as one of the most active organization in the field of “Life Science”.

Filippo Surace, CEO of Cube-Labs, has released a thorough interview as representative of one of the most representative firm of the Life Science panorama controlling a Portfolio of 12 Biotech Spin Off, in the dedicated section of the editorial of February 2019.

The magazine selects Cube-Labs and other two major home-grown funds among the most innovative players in the field of Life Sciences, bringing the attention to the substantial increase in investments over the last year in  the Italian Life Sciences startups, with the consequential growth of the market.

The approach has changed.”- explains Filippo Surace in relation to the dynamics through which Cube-Labs moves its footsteps and the approach adopted. “Yesterday we were looking for finance in support of science. Now science has become more attractive for the financial markets”.

In addition, the CEO focuses on describing the rapid growth of new market highlighting the reasons:

Italian Biotech industry grows four times the world average. Global stock exchanges markets have lowered the threshold of access to IPO: businesses go quickly into the capital market”.

Filippo Surace

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