Cube Labs and the search for new capital for growth in the Life Science sector – article by Private magazine

Private magazine interviews founder Filippo Surace and co-founder Renato Del Grosso on ​​the growth of the company,  expansion into foreign markets, strengthening of the Life Science sector and creation of new commercial partnerships.

Cube Labs, through its patents and subsidiaries, generates strength and value from the enhancement of “intangible assets,” a determining factor in the life sciences sector for investments with a high return on capital.

Furthermore, Cube Labs’ portfolio breadth allows for risk diversification and the ability to operate under an innovative SME status, thereby supporting the economy while benefiting from tax incentives as dictated by Italian legislation.

All factors that incentivize and promote the release of capital also to foreign investments and which will guarantee a strengthening of the shareholding structure and opening up to new commercial outlets.

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