Cube Labs for Second-level University Master’s program in Life Science Venturing Innovation

Rome, October 20, 2023 – Cube Labs is pleased to announce the beginning of the first edition of the Second-level University Master’s program in Life Science Venturing Innovation, realized in collaboration with the Campus Bio-Medico University (UCBM) Academy and Marzotto Venture Accelerator. This advanced educational program aims to provide the skills and know-how necessary for Innovation Managers & Specialists to revolutionize the Life Science landscape, leveraging the opportunities arising from collaboration between academic, industrial, and financial stakeholders to create an advanced ecosystem capable of addressing complex challenges.

Cube Labs will oversee the module on Venture Building, leveraging its extensive field experience and sharing best practices to bring success stories to life.

“The Master’s in Life Science Venturing Innovation is designed to bolster the unlocking of the revolutionary potential of the Life Science sector and prepare the next generation of leaders in the field of Life Science,” said Dr. Filippo Surace, CEO of Cube Labs and a member of the master’s scientific committee. “Innovation, from my perspective, extends beyond the adoption of new technologies; it encompasses creativity in problem-solving, optimization of existing processes, and a fervor for change. As part of the Venture Building Lab, we explore a diverse array of tools, methodologies, and entrepreneurial themes to cultivate the Innovation Managers of tomorrow. I am genuinely excited to impart Cube Labs’ experience to the Master’s program participants.”