Cube Labs has been quoted as a case history in the “Startup Europe Week Rome” event

On 6 May 2018, the “Startup Europe Week Rome” took place in Campidoglio; it is an unfailing appointment for those Italian entrepreneurs who want to work in the European context.

IT and marketing experts with the participation of several entrepreneurs provided the participants with useful aids for the start-up launch and management.

A detailed overview about the steps that every project have to take was shown, ranging from the business idea to its validation, without forgetting the development of the product and the company’s growth.

Finally, the main local, regional and European opportunities of the startup ecosystem have been introduced.

Massimo Ciaglia, Cube Labs digit partner, unveiled the new “The Startup Canvas” model, the first work framework created in Italy for the start-ups. This new model starts from the analysis of the current situation, noticing that the failure rate for the start-up business is still very high.

He explained that the current canvas business models does not take into the right consideration the core aspects for a good management of the start-ups, such as a funding strategy or a tool to protect the intellectual propriety.

On this basis, Mr. Ciaglia broke down his model into twelve blocks and three areas, analyzing them in a way like never been treated before. Cube Labs started using this model that is structured in three phases: an initial business idea, a subsequent strategy and a final run, quoted as a success story in the application.

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