Milano Finanza pays attention to Cube-Labs, talking about the current € 30mln roadshow

Milano Finanza, one of the most important Italian financial newspapers, in the markets section, pays attention to Cube-Labs, talking about the current € 30m roadshow.

The investment bank Equita comments: “this is an important pre-marketing initiative aimed at contacting potential institutional investors”. The idea? “To capture the attention of the market in order to achieve our financial goal, to enhance the intellectual property of Italian R&D, to create spin-offs in the Life Science sector, and then bring them to main international markets”.

The Milano Finanza article also underlines how wide the margins of growth in the R&D valorisation are, this is demonstrated by the unexpressed potential of the Italian academy on the markets, if Italy compares to other countries close to it like the Belgian University of Leuven which has generated 90 million in revenues and, in the last 10 years, has raised a billion euros on its intellectual property.

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