Cube-Labs, “Holding” in Science and Technology aims at Piazza Affari: the Corriere della Sera dedicated an interesting column to Cube-Labs.

Cube-Labs catchs the attention of Corriere della Sera which yesterday dedicated a column in the financial section, highlighting the strategic objective: “Raising capitals through Club Deal or IPO on the Alternative Investment Market of Borsa Italiana, to foster investments in the Biotech and Life Science industries in Italy”.T

The trend of Biotech shows growth rates in double figures but fundraising can be an obstacle race. “Though in 2016 the global revenues amounted to 11,5 billions of euros, with an annual growth rate of 15% (source Assobiotec), the 571 Italian companies operating in this field suffer lack of capitals to invest in research and development” – explains Filippo Surace, CEO and founder of Cube-Labs.

The objective of Cube-Labs is identifying the seed capitals for the financing of the research projects hosted in the academy. The Holding wants to encourage the development of promising research projects from research centers and academic institutions, offering the financing and managerial support, technical know-how and visibility.

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