CUBE LABS: Listing Process On EGM Pro Has Been Initiated

Rome 6 March 2023Cube Labs S.p.A. (“Cube Labs” or “Company”) – an Italian venture builder specializing in healthcare technologies – has announced that it has initiated the listing process on the Euronext Growth Milan market’s professional segment, EGM Pro, multilateral trading system organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. and dedicated to SMEs with high growth potential. On March 3, 2023, the company presented the Pre-Admission Communication to Borsa Italiana in order to enable the admission of its own shares and warrants for trading on the Euronext Growth Milan market.

Cube Labs, a venture builder in the healthcare technology space, through a highly experienced management team, selects commercially promising R&D from leading companies and university research centers, to which it has access owing to partnership agreements with research institutions. Cube Labs contributes to their development by setting up companies to pursue industrial purposes by promoting and implementing scientific research and technological development activities.

“The listing represents a great opportunity for the company to continue its growth path and help finance the development of innovative start-ups in its portfolio, and the implementation of its business plan. – commented to Dr. Filippo Surace, CEO and Founder of Cube LabsOur innovative business model focuses on commercially promising academic R&D with a high growth potential. The aim is to transform pioneering science into healthcare solutions and create a virtuous cycle of innovation that ensures the companies will have the necessary financial and operational resources to compete in a global market”.

A roadshow recently started between the management of Cube Labs and institutional investors and professionals to present the specific characteristics of the company and its future growth strategy. The listing on the EGM Pro market marks further step along the company’s growth path.

The offer includes newly issued ordinary shares and warrants (exercisable in three temporal windows), assigned free of charge to all those who subscribe to the ordinary shares as part of the placement. The price fork was fixed between a minimum of 2.00 euros and a maximum of 2.33 euros per share, corresponding to a pre-money capitalization (before capital increase) between 30 and 35 million euros.

The definitive subscription price of the shares will be announced following the placement process.

The listing process is assisted by several advisors, including Mit Sim S.p.A. as Euronext Growth Advisor, EnVent Capital Markets Ltd.,as Global Coordinator, ADVANT Nctm as Legal Advisor, 4AIM SICAF S.p.A. and Ambromobiliare S.p.A. as Financial Advisor, Ria Grant Thornton S.p.A. as Independent Auditors, Bernoni Grant Thornton S.p.A. as Tax Adviser, Clarkson Hyde as Adviser in charge of extra data circling accountants, CDR Communication S.r.l. as Advisor to the Company in matters of Investor Relations, and SEC and Partners as Company Press Office.


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Cube Labs Cube Labs is a venture builder in the healthcare technology space in Italy, designed to address the gap between the excellent local academic science and the commercially promising life sciences market. Cube Labs builds new companies from promising R&D and enables innovation in order to transform pioneering science into healthcare solutions. Through its international network, Cube Labs works together with communities interested in innovation to transform outcomes for patients and accelerate the world’s transition to optimal health.
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