Cube Labs portfolio continues its expansion: established 13th Academic Spin-off set up

Cube Labs further expands its porfolio through the establishment of a new innovative Spin-off: Skin Plastic Lab srl.

The NewCo focuses on the medical devices market in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery through the development of a revolutionary temperature sensor. The former has a conformable matrix that will allow detailed and accurate thermal mapping of the interested area through a non invasive and innovative tecnology.

The patented technology finds its application in monitoring skin temperature for clinical diagnostics in a plethora of research and diagnostic fields.

Among the latter there is: oncology, wound care, monitoring skin flaps and skin lesions from metabolic diseases such as diabetic ulcers.

The Spin-off will subsequently continue the application of its technology platforms to the development of tissue banks, scaffolds and tissue engineering.

The aim of the holding is to continue the expansion of the portfolio and become leader of the Italian market and subsequently hit the International one, in the Life Science.

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