Final steps for CUBIT Inc. to bring the best of Italian technology companies abroad

Cube Labs scored important consensus in the HardWareCon, one of the most important American summit focused on the best technological innovations. HardWareCon is an opportunity to learn about the latest technology trends and different business trends in the last technological and business trends regarding the Digital Health, machine learning, robotics, Internet of things and design products.

Cube Labs successfully introduced in United States its distribution platform: CUBIT Inc., an Italian company whose goal is to focus on providing innovative technologies onto the American market.

Filippo Surace, Cube Labs CEO, is completing the final stage of CUBIT Inc.

The idea of CUBIT Inc. is to achieve a two way business model to take and fund the best Italian technologies in Silicon Valley and create a distribution channel for American technologies in Europe via Italy: the main goal is to pave the way for a new innovative success model.

CUBIT Inc. is excited to co-operate with Cubit Scarl and INBB to give life to this project.

Thanks to its structure, CUBIT Inc. is able to provide opportunities for investment and trade to the investors and to the partners, for fields such as IoT, life sciences, medical devices and more.

CUBIT Inc. Italian Accelerator

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