Dr. Filippo Surace interviewed by ItaliaOggi Sette

Dr. Philip Surace has made an interview with the newspaper ItaliaOggi Sette, released on September the 7th, 2015.

The headline, dealing with economic, legal and political issues, has addressed Italian companies in China, including Cube Labs, on the tensions that characterize Beijing‘s stock exchanges and fears that a slowdown in growth may divert interest to a market that is far more dynamic than the European one. Cube Labs continues to represent a platform for participation and technology transfer of Italian innovation to the great markets, starting with the Dragon.

“To transform enterprise innovation, these realities need to get out of the borders of our country, understanding that the value of patents resides in marketing and use, rather than protection” explains Dr. Philip Surace. China intends to move from low-cost, export goods to high-density innovative goods to the domestic market. For this reason, Beijing is implementing ambitious reform plans, which will focus in particular on the welfare and health sectors. In this context Dr. Philip Surace adds that Chinese public and private investors are looking forward to the opportunity to acquire technologies and know-how that the domestic industry is not able to develop today. Italian SMEs will therefore be able to spend a huge competitive advantage, provided that they are presented with an adequate critical mass and tools to codify the complexity of rules and interlocutors that characterize the Chinese market.

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