Dr. Filippo Surace interviewed by Milano Finanza

Milano Finanza – Friday 16 January, 2015

China and Italy integrate perfectly with one another and we must take advantage of it. “We are still strong in the Know-how, but they have great abilities to purchase and develop” says Filippo Surace, Chairman of Cube-Labs. His company, which recently was awarded at the China Awards of the Italy-China Foundation and Milano Finanza, deals with the transfer of Italian technological innovations onto the major markets. The group has identified the Italian research companies with technologies of particular importance for the Chinese market in the field of human and environmental health to be introduced onto the market. “In China, we are working with industrial groups for a development with high added value” Surace explains.

Question. You are in China ever since March 2014, what are the numbers?

Answer. After only nine months of activity in 2015 we will introduce about 40%-50% of the technologies related to our platform. Our model is considered by the Chinese partners a great potential in the market.

According to assessments made by the Chinese interlocutors, some of our business initiatives may potentially be listed in the stock exchange after a first cycle of development of the activities.

Q. Which stock exchange?

A.Shanghai, in about five years. We also think that we may reach about 50-65 millions in revenue in the first three years of activity in China. We will utilize this year to also look elsewhere onto other markets such as Kazakhstan, Mexico, Brazil and Russia.

Q. What do you do exactly?

A. As I said, we deal with the transfer of Italian technological innovations onto the major markets. As of today, there is a need to fill the gap with the Chinese market, to transfer intellectual property. A transfer that involves both the product and its technology.

Q. Many are afraid that the Chinese will copy, aren’t you afraid to facilitate China with the transfer of expertise?

A. The market of know-how is at the center of global trade and will be the engine of future development on a worldwide scale. Who backs away from this competition, misses out on growth and the chance to economic progress. We are not afraid to facilitate China, but we are certain to facilitate our Country.

Q. Which is your field of operations?

A. Human and environmental health. We are working on the removal of fine particles. We have a company in our portfolio with a primary certified technology. We sell the technology, but we also sell the know-how, so that there may be an upgrade on site of such.

technology. We hope to expand our portfolio from 40 to 100 research companies, improving spin-offs of the academic research.

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