Cube Labs is a co-leader of the European Union Erasmus+ BIO-ALL project, developing activities designed to promote and consolidate entrepreneurial initiatives in the biotechnological and health spheres over the next three years.

The BIO-ALL project, coordinated by the University of Beiro Interior (Portugal), has been awarded approximately one million euro in funding and will be jointly conducted by 13 public and private institutions from Portugal, Italy, Holland and Spain.

Cube Labs has been selected to lead the joint acceleration programme in Italy. The programme will focus on pressing issues, such as the need for more innovative and multidisciplinary approaches in higher education learning environments, fostering the development of entrepreneurial skills and competences, and facilitating the exchange and co-creation of educational materials and knowledge. 

Having been launched in January 2019 for a period 3 years, The BIO-ALL project aims to strengthen the higher education system in order to better respond to entrepreneurs’ needs in the bio-health sector.



    FLYER-BIO-ALL project Cube Labs
    FLYER-BIO-ALL project Cube Labs

    The international Joint Post Graduation programme has successfully started. Cube-Labs will be present in two of the 12 modules.

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