Cube-Labs, a holding that operates in the sector of Life Sciences, has signed an agreement with Equita, an Italian independent investment bank. The aim is to rise finance,in Italy and abroad, on the capital market either through IPO or a Club Deal with private investors. The goal of this action is that of increasing its engagement in the field and become market leader in Italy for the development and growth of research in the Biohealth sector. It will be fulfilled through the realization of 20 academic spin-offs within the end of 2021 and 30 within the end of 2023. 

Cube-Labs was founded in 2014 with the aim of financing innovate R&D projects and acts as incubator and accelerator of academic spin-offs with focus in the Biotech field (oncology, rare diseases, nutraceuticals) and MeDTech (medical devices, e-Health). Through a partnership with the consortium I.N.B.B. (Istituto Nazionale di Biostrutture e Biosistemi; which comprises 650 researchers and 24 universities and primary research institutes in Italy and abroad), Cube-Labs founds and guides innovative companies to be launched on the market. The latter would have a hard time otherwise, in developing commercially, given the actual socio-economic scenario of the country. 

From this point of view, Cube-Labs business model depicts a new model of financing and supporting scientific research, which over the past years has gathering an increasing interest from both private (investment funds, family officers) and public financial players.

Cube-Labs projects are characterized by being highly innovative, being present in selected markets with high growth potential and representative of disruptive scientific solutions absent in standard counterparts.

 “I am very satisfied – declares Filippo Surace, Cube-Labs’ CEO – of delineating this trajectory with a prestigious operator like Equita. The latter in the past years, completed successfully various fundraisings on the market of capitals and developed leading financial schemes. Startups are representing the main source of development of new business for big enterprises and consequently for investors. Cube-Labs-continues Filippo Surace- integrates a novel sustainable business model to grant and propel innovation in our country by referring to institutional investors and capital market as it happens in developed contexts. Cube-Labs has depicted Equita as an ideal partner with which to deliver the goals that will grant the holding a rapid development. 

Cube-Labs is the technological holding company, founded in 2014 that creates, incubates and accelerates academic spin-offs and related technologies in the field of Life Sciences. Cube-Labs developed a broad network that comprises 650 scientists, more than 24 universities and important institutes of research in Italy and worldwide. 

The seed phase of 10 spin-offs has already been covered with a pipeline’s maturity depicted by start of preclinical or clinical phase for molecules and pre-market phase for MeDTech. 

Cube-Labs headquarters are in Rome and it counts on collaboration agreements with China, Israel, Silicon Valley, Poland and Spain.  

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