HLG Winter meeting: Cube-Labs will take part with Renato Del Grosso.

Italia HLG, an association aimed at those who work in the field of Licensing and/or Business Development in companies operating in the health sector and in pharmaceutical companies, has organized Winter Meeting Italy HLG to be held on 5 and 6 December at Art Hotel Navigli in Milan.

The themes proposed in the program are those that the Associates Italy HLG have selected by participating in the Survey “Topic winter meeting IHLG” proposed last summer as the evolution of the Italian pharmaceutical environment, the use of medical devices, the therapeutic use of cannabinoids.

Cube-Labs will be present at this important event with the figure of Renato Del Grosso, Co-Founder & Market Access Leader of the company.

The program of the two days includes international speakers and topics of extreme interest and innovation.

These days will be useful to be in touch with the international healthcare world and to promote the internal projects of Cube-Labs, characterized by being first of all extremely innovative, present in selected markets with high growth potential and representative of disruptive scientific solutions absent in the standards of their counterparts.

You can view the entire program at →  https://www.italyhlg.it/images/Documenti/depliant-HLG-5-6-Dicembre-2019-final.pdf

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