Joint venture between italian and chinese companies

The Cinese Delegation, which is made out of the City of Yuyao (Mr.Han), the Ouing Fund (Mr.Jin) and six Chinese companies that are interested in establishing a joint venture with the italian companies has met Invitalia in Rome (President Giancarlo Innocenzi Botti), Enel (Dr.Claudio Zito), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of the Environment.

The Ouing Fund has signed an agreement with CUBE LABS, with the aim for scouting, development and transferring the technological innovations onto the Chinese market. The above innovations are of italian intellectual property in the field of Human and Environmental Health.

The city of Yuyao proposed to organize an environmental forum that will take place in ENEL and to develop with CUBE LABS a research and technological development platform in the Yuyao Industrial Park, providing funds and infrastructure.

The project of Yuyao will be officially presented in Beijing at the meeting between the Italian and the Chinese government, which will take place on June 11 in front of the highest authorities.

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