New CUBE LABS success in China

CUBE LABS continues to gather consensus and success in China.  The second Mission, which took place from June 11th through June 15th Cube has defined the substance of the agreement based on what had already been negotiated.

In this regard, the following agreements were signed:

a)The Company in charge of the technological development of the Yuyao Industrial Park – Yuyao Mingbang Science  and Technology Development – has officially awarded Cube Labs a Head Quarters that will work has a Transfer Center for the Italian Technological innovation aimed at the evaluation and development of the innovations that are presented in the portfolio and it also allocated funds and facilities necessary for the execution of on-site activities.  In addition, the Company, through an extensive Institutional Network will seek for other investors to be proposed for the development of single technologies.

b)CECEP is a huge conglomeration of public companies in the field of environmental health – after the evaluation of new innovations in the portfolio, it confermed the due diligence for the technologies that were considered eligible for the improvement of trade agreements and showed preliminary interest in the new technologies that were introduced in the field of environmental health.

c)Ouing Group – Investment Fund – has signed the first stake in China for the CUBE LABS corporate capital wishing to define in the next three months, a platform for the transfer of Italian technological innovation in China and its market development. The Ouing Fund will allocate any sum that is necessary for the implementation of the platform and has declared the intention to participate with the single technologies in order to support the research phase in Italy.

d)During the second round of introduction of technologies, a lot of interest was shown in collaborating with CUBE LABS for the market development. In particular, a number of investment funds, investment banks and industrial subjects have shown interest

e)The confirmation obtained by CUBE LABS was recorded by the national media through press  interviews.

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