New strategic alliance

Cube Labs (Italy), Shizim Group (Israel) and Poland Biomed Ventures (Poland) have formed a golden triangle of strategic alliance in order to catalyze innovation in the life sciences ecosystem.

The three prominent players have signed a joint cooperation agreement to build together on all components of the life sciences innovation value chain- from scientific discovery, through technology development and commercialization, to the funding of intellectual property.

In joining this alliance, Cube Labs further builds on its model of being a global network with a global reach, providing access to more technology, more expertise, more money and more markets for the products and technologies it will deliver to patients in serving their needs.

About our Partners:

Shizim is a leading Israeli-based holding group, with companies active in the fields of entrepreneurship, biomed, clinical research, regulatory affairs, R&D support, marketing, and business development services, serving local and multinational companies.
Shizim is also the home to several Israeli and International innovations centers in the fields of MedTech and Digital Health, including ShizimXL and ShizimVS, as well as some cutting-edge medical device startups.
Among its success stories are MICROBOT Medical (NASDAQ: MBOT) and XACT Robotics.

Poland Biomed Ventures (PBV) provides support to young life-science companies, from startup through scale up, with mentoring, funding and commercialization assistance. Its mission is to bring breakthrough technologies into clinical use for patients all over the world.  PBV’s therapeutic areas of interest include neurology, oncology, cardiology and digital health.

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