From the launch of the project to today, Cube Labs has established a compact network of collaborations.
In the field of R&D it collaborates, from the beginning, with the INBB, the National Institute of Biostructures and Biosystems which, through the collaboration with 24 universities and other important research institutes, promotes and coordinates the excellence of research and the technological transfer from a wide range of academic projects.

Furthermore, collaborations with actors on the international scene are becoming ever more dense, through which Cube Labs aims to strengthen its network and to increasingly enhance the research projects of its portfolio.




The Interuniversity Consortium, INBB, the “National Institute of Biostructures and Biosystems” partnered with Cube Labs in a wide-ranging deal signed in December 2017. Inter-alia this agreement includes exclusive strategic cooperation and technology-transfer components conferring a first right refusal in favor of Cube Labs for all potentially commercial R&D projects presented by the Consortium. The Interuniversity Consortium is an overarching Italian public-private partnership initiative promoting and coordinating research excellence and technology-transfer from a wide range of academic projects in the fields of biostructures and biosystems. The Institute currently promotes collaboration among 24 universities and other major research institutions in these fields and informs potentially interested bio-industries of potentially exploitable research outputs. Reciprocally, it’s industrial partners can on a case by case basis gain involvement and direction in the management of the INBB projects – a win-win relationship.

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Boltzmann Institute


The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Health Technology Assessment (LBI-HTA) is an advisory research institute based in Vienna. Founded in 2006, it has developed into an international point of contact for agencies and other partners with interests in health technologies and their advancement. It has a partnership with INBB and CubeLabs to help facilitate the implementation of our respective pipelines. It’s mission and research program places a strong emphasis on short to medium-term results, that is ones applicable to us in the next 5 years. Furthermore, in 2018, CubeLabs expanded its international network by establishing a partnership with the renowned Austrian Institute for Research in Orthopaedics and Traumatology housed within the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute and it’s affiliated trauma research centre, the AUVA.





Cube Labs, together with INBB, has signed a memorandum of understanding with OnGranada Tech City which comprises the largest tech and biotech cluster in Andalusia and which additionally represents the local trade-body the ‘Asociación Clúster Granada Plaza Tecnológica y Biotecnológica’. OnGranada TechCity specifically focusses on companies form the following fields: ICT, electronics, biotechnology, bio-ICT and all related healthcare technologies. Cube Labs will in this context coordinate and develop research and development projects, consortia and relevant ‘knowledge centres’ together with local companies. Our role is also to facilitate relevant networks including financial, technological and commercial partners in Italy and Andalusia that can help enhance and accelerate our pipeline.

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Cube Labs has signed a MoU, Memorandum of Understanding with MANSFIELD BIO-INCUBATOR, an American non-profit company that acts as an incubator for biotech, pharma, life science, and medical device companies. The mission of the incubator is to facilitate and assist the creation, growth, and success of the next generation biotech companies. The incubator assists the companies and nurtures entrepreneurial and economic development in the community by maintaining affordable lab and office space, services, training, mentoring, and a network of professional advisors. Cube Labs has as strategic objectives to create the conditions for a partnership and institutional cooperation between the parties, which bilaterally supports and will cooperate for the promotion of technological innovations in the American and European markets. The relationship of institutional cooperation between the parties that Cube-Labs has established, aims at developing the promotion of technological innovation, based on their respective strengths and organizational structures.



The FÖRDERGESELLSCHAFT IZB MBH, founded in 1995 technology parck, is the operating company of the innovation and start-p centers for Biotechnology located in Planegg-Martinsried and Freising Weihenstephan (Munich- Germany), which has developed into one of the top ten biotechnology centers in the world, conting almost 60 start-ups.
Cube Labs decided to broaden its international network establishing a partnership with the German company, focusing on key factors such as cooperation, strategic mergers, qualified personnel as well as information advantages through close information exchange.



Cube Labs, INBB and EURASANTE’ has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the objective to create the conditions for a relationship of institutional cooperation between the Parties. EURASANTE’ is the economic development agency of the Health sector Nutrition of the Hauts-de-France, site of excellence of the European Metropolis of Lille. The agency support and valorize the develop of companies that promote the research in Health and Nutrition sector. EURASANTE' has the strategic objective of supporting Cube Labs and INBB in the discovery and selection of new research in the field of health and nutrition, by correcting and developing their projects, facilitating the recruitment of talents from French technological companies, also promoting possible alliances with companies from other countries in the same sectors. The collaboration between the 3 actors also allows expanding the partnership network, thus providing the opportunity to strengthen links of international scientific collaboration, search for financial and commercial partners in the area, for technological development, and also to expand the Cube Labs pipeline, looking for technology companies that can adapt to the portfolio.



SEEUTechPark is a technology park located on South East European University campus in Tetovo, Macedonia. Opened on May 15, 2013 by the Board of South East European University in order to create conditions to stimulate the creation of new start-up companies, creating a synergy between the companies and encourage the growth of existing SMEs (small and medium enterprises) which in the long term provides new job opportunities.
Vision - To create an environment within the university that will forge closer ties and enduring links between academia and the industry to convert Knowledge and expertise into Action, Production and Investments.
Mission - Development of start-up knowledge based companies at SEEU designed to create and foster an entrepreneurial culture among faculty, researchers, students of SEEU and commercialization of scientific and technological knowledge.

Seeutech Park




Shizim is a leading Israeli-based holding group, with companies active in the fields of entrepreneurship, biomed, clinical research, regulatory affairs, R&D support, marketing and business development services, serving local and multinational companies. Shizim is also home to a number of cutting-edge medical device startups.



Poland Biomed Ventures provides support to life-science Startups. Starting from mentoring through funding and finally commercialization. They help inventors and young companies to grow and win. Their mission is to bring into clinical use breaking-trough technologies for patients all over the world.
Their services cover all most of the Start-up needs from advisory services ( IP protection, regulatory- CE and FDA, marketing, and business development ) trough animal trials and clinical tests on humans, finally market exit. Besides mentoring they provide funding to best ideas to help bring them quickly to the market. Trough the international team they help in R&D costs optimization engaging partners and service providers from Europe, the US, and Israel.



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