Renato Del Grosso is going to join as Partner, leading the market access function.

Cube-Labs strengthens its team with the addition of Renato Del Grosso, Head of market access and board member of the company.

Del Grosso, with nearly 20 years of experience in the pharma and med device sectors, will strengthen the company’s structure facilitating the dialogue with corporations.

Del Grosso, a legal background completed with Executive master in healthcare & pharmaceutical administration (LUISS) and Executive master in finance at SDA Bocconi, joins the Cube-Labs team at a delicate time for the company in a phase of capital raising on multiple levels in view of going public.

“Moving on to a new subject that is part of a panorama that is not currently covered is an extremely stimulating challenge. Surely, going public, we would represent a bit of a unicum at the Italian level because there are no players like us that have done the same pathway. In fact, we would constitute a reference model, at least in Italy, for Life Sciences, for the financing of research,” says Del Grosso.

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