Startup Europe Week Roma presents the first Canvas for Startups.

Innovation is the leitmotiv of the Startup Europe Week Rome event.
The goal, here, is to guide the guest through a real education and networking process, where mentors and innovators will deal with an important mission: to transfer their know-how to the directly interested people, that is to say to entrepreneurs and startuppers (wannabe and bootstrapepd)

Startups’ events in 2018: Startup Europe Week Rome
During Startup Europe Week Rome, attendees will have the possibility to deepen the innovative entrepreneurial world and to acquire new knowledge in order to grow their businesses.
For this reason, Massimo Ciaglia (Cubelabs’ digital partner), a business innovator, coach, founder and co-founder of different startups with important exits; has been asked to participate.

Here Ciaglia, serial entrepreneur, will explain the Startup Canvas, the first framework born just for startups. It is a model made of 12 building blocks, that represents a real operating guide.
His model, unique in Italy and abroad, was born from the evolution of the Lean methodology, from his broad and deep professional experience and it has been already validated on numerous startups of our platform with the desired outcome for each case.

After Startup Europe Week Rome
After Startup Europe Week Rome, other digital events will be held in 2018, like Heroes in Maratea. Also there Massimo Ciaglia, during last edition, had been invited as mentor in order to guide the interested people, step by step, through their business idea: from creation to validation, from the analysis to the development of the product untill its positioning in the market.
Recall that the event will take place Tuesday 6 march at 10:15 AM at Campidoglio, more precisely in Promoteca Room. The object of his speech will be: “the analysis of the Italian startup ecosystem and innovation tools”
Among innovation tools will be presented the Startup Canvas, that will help you to structure in the right way your startup. It analyses some critical aspects as fundraising and traction, some elements that are neither mentioned in the other models, but fundamental for your business idea.

Startup europe week Roma

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