Successful closing of the Club Deal Cube Labs Ambassadors!

Cube Labs is delighted to announce the successful closing of a funding round of 400k Euros through the Club Deal “Cube Labs Ambassadors,” in which professionals and business angels have invested.

“We are excited to have reached this significant milestone, from both the perspective of the incoming capital and for the access our partnership grants to the valuable expertise of the professionals,”  stated CEO Filippo Surace. “Our organization will greatly benefit from the dynamic network and wide-ranging knowledge of the Angels.”  “Despite the current momentum we gained the trust of our investors because of the experience of the management team, the strength and management methods of our portfolio, the tremendous growth trend of the life sciences market and our rational model and financial strategy,” Surace continued.

Cube Labs financial growth pathway now continues for a next preIPO round. Capital markets shall represent the main channel of financing in the short-medium term.

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