Adamas Biotech

Clinically validated, nutraceutical-based solutions for clinical and wellness indications

Bio Aurum

Scientifically validated phytoceuticals for a range of neurodegenerative diseases


Hypoallergenic and eco-sustainable absorbency product


Harnessing regenerative medicine against osteoarthritis and ageing


Adaptable hydrogels for in situ release of active molecules

Hiperforming Research

Artificial Intelligence for business and research

Lumina nanoBiotech

Rapid biosensing at point of care

Molecular Research

R&D in drug design and profiling

Orpha Biotech

Innovating solutions for rare diseases for patients across the globe

Rescue Code

Advanced solutions in interventional cardiology

Skin Plastic Lab

Advancing the state-of-the-art in monitoring skin vascularization


A community of Innovators and an Innovation Layer dedicated to the Corporate sectors