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Adamas Biotech is a pioneer company with more than a decade of basic and clinical research focused on proprietary botanicals and expertly formulated nutraceutical products with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation, and anti-cancer activity. These nutraceuticals derive from proprietary technology. A lead product ready for the market has already undergone a phase I/II clinical trial. The market targeted by Adamas Biotech’s products is wide, and expected to undergo significant growth because most healthcare systems move towards an increase in preventive healthcare strategies.

Logo BioAurum

Bio-Aurum’s scientific leadership and research team have more than a decade of experience in translational and clinical research focused on retinal neurodegenerative disorders (age related macular degeneration AMD and Stargardt). The therapeutic exploitation of their proprietary knowledge on saffron chemical profile and treatment effects led to a product already on the market. The long-term target includes neurodegenerative diseases mainly Alzheimer and Parkinson  This line of research is in pre-clinical phase developing the optimal dose and treatment plan to be tested on humans.


Biodiapers provide a new ecological slant on diapers and absorbent sanitary products and markets.  The company utilizes proprietary cutting-edge clean-tech, manufacturing techniques that not only lower the carbon footprint of its products, but also confers optimal absorption, comfort, and skin protection to them.


Has focused its clinical research on the discovery of two peptide derivatives of glucosamine that are more effective than the same molecule in controlling joint inflammation and in stimulating the formation of a new cartilage tissue. The merit of Cartilago is the discovery of two peptide derivatives of the parent molecule one with greater efficacy that may be developed and exploited in the fields of osteoarthritis and  longevity and one in the field of oncology.


A startup focusing on innovative technology for the production of renewable, biocompatible in situ cross-linkable hydrogels to be employed in the treatment of: mild and complex infections of the oral cavity (1) and dental implants; prevention of osteo-articular infections; cartilage reconstruction; skin wounds and burns (even if of large surface); bedsores; large suture protection; release of anti-tumoral agents.The technology permits adherence to soft and hard tissues and eventual release of active substances in a controlled manner. This unique property of DTech’s solution increases the bioavailability of the active molecule, otherwise unable to enter the local circulation and tissue with currently available solutions.

Logo ultimo

Hiperforming is an Italian pioneer in the application of artificial intelligence that supercharges AI applications on today’s hardware to empower low cost, low energy solutions. Deep Learning tools are configured into powerful and affordable new opportunities for industry, marketing, public sector administration as well as industrial and academic research. It is no exaggeration to say that whatever your field of activity AI will soon be able to enhance it.  Hiperforming also provides a consultancy service for those taking the first steps on this leading-edge path.


Lumina Nano Biotech is focused on luminescence-based immunodetection technologies that couple biosensing device and smartphone or other portable and easy-to-use detectors. The portability and compactness of the developed products, make them suitable for different kind of point-of-care applications. The integration of these devices with the emerging health-related information technologies (IT) networks and artificial intelligence allows to obtain a real-time interpretation of the analytical result and to share it with specialized personnel.


Molecular Research Pharma CT is a CRO providing services to accelerate the development of new chemical entities as well as nutraceuticals, food, and dietary supplements, and para-pharmaceuticals. With decades of experience in the fields of pharmacology and chemistry, MRC is an innovative science-driven contract research organization that includes in its competencies drug design and profiling as well as leading-edge molecular modelling and bioinformatics.


Orpha Biotech is based on proprietary therapeutic technologies and knowhow focussed on orphan autoimmune indications that currently have no cure. Our initial pipeline targets are conditions that exhibit unusually high levels of reactive oxygen species and consequent oxidative stress in the affected tissues such as cutaneous systemic sclerosis and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.


The R-Code focusses on its cutting edge ‘Rescue Code’. The latter is a life-saving set of cutting-edge standard operating procedures (SOPs) encompassing cardiac surgery, emergency cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology. R-Code developed empirically from advanced clinical approaches in the rescue and treatment of patients at risk of imminent cardiac death following cardiac arrest and results in significantly reduced morbidity and mortality particularly after severe acute myocardial infarction.


Skinplatics exploits proprietary nanotechnologies to the production of thermistors which leverage a different heat transfer methodology from that used in conventional thermal sensors. The product has wide-ranging applications in many therapeutic situations including wound care, plastic surgery and the emerging field of theragnostics in oncology.